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Anonymous said: I masturbate every night but lately, it takes longer for me to get turned on. Any advice ?

New fantasies. And I know porn isn’t for everyone, but I know that helps me a ton on nights when I’m feeling a little less than excited. :P 

I explore new fetishes. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised by what turns you on. 


Anonymous said: My bf wants a threesome and I sorta do too but I feel uncomfortable with sharing him with another girl I don't want to watch him fuck her but at the same time I want to try it. What's wrong with me?

Nothings wrong with you. If it would make you feel uncomfortable then you shouldn’t do it. Nothing is worse than making one of the party feel upset when the others are enjoying themselves.

Only do it when you’re ready and willing.


Anonymous said: My boyfriend is skiddish about eating me out. He says he has "stage fright". How can I make him more comfortable?

Stage fright?? Please. Thats a petty excuse. Grab his head and rub your nice wet pussy on his face. Maybe then he will get the hint and eat up.


Anonymous said: ive never given a blow job before but i was wondering, where do i spit? i wouldnt want to just like spit right there all over him, and i know i wouldnt want to swallow..what do people usually do in that situation?

I’ve always swallowed, perhaps you should too.


Anonymous said: sometimes gay male porn turns me on but im female?? it confuses me sometimes??? help!

Alright there are a tooooon of questions pertaining to females enjoying both male and female gay porn.

We are turned on by the unfamiliar!!! We may still have the frame of mind that it is taboo and this excites us! 

Lesbian porn is deliciously erotic as is gay porn. I find myself wanting it all. I barely ever watch straight porn. Why? Because I’ve been there done that! Nothing turns me on more than seeing a female play with another womans pussy. Its just so unfff.

And dont even get me started on seeing two men fuck…. I would join them in a hot second.

Sit back, relax, play a little, and let your mind run wild. Teehee