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rodbearing asked: So I really enjoy going to strip clubs. Just hang out watch the girls and maybe a lap dance or two. I'm married and my wife doesn't know that I like to go. We don't have sex that much and aren't intimate very much either. I've only had sex with her. Is it wrong to want to have a strange woman grind on me?

if you have to hide something from your spouse, it’s because you feel it’s wrong.. it’s normal to wonder what “else” is out there, especially if you’ve only ever been with one person.. so just talk to her. the flame can’t be rekindled if she doesn’t know for sure that it’s died out for you. maybe try an open relationship, swinging with other couples, or even threesomes.  there’s many things married couples can do to respark that flame, but at the end of the day, that’s your wife man. remember and respect the vows you made to her

Anonymous asked: how much to sit on your dick?

this dick is not for sale. only those I deem worthy can experience it in full ;]

Anonymous asked: so I heard light peroxide and warm water removes the acid in vaginal fluids to help it taste better. tru or nawh?

Anonymous asked: your blog is amazing, never fails to make me dripping and throbbing

Anonymous asked: Lol my boyfriend is convinced I'm cheating because of the good blowjobs I give him 😂 #HeadGameOn100 all thanks to this blog!

Anonymous asked: how long should a blowjob normally last for?

until he cums

Fan Day Friday!

Send me pics of you with RawSex fan signs. The creative and sexy ones get posted to the page and maybe a personal fan appreciation pic from Master ;]

Anonymous asked: Doesn't matter if it's snipped or not. Good dick is good dick.