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So, somehow MrRabbit’s account has been deactivated….

We are just as confused as you all are, so please know that we will let you know when he returns to tumblr.  In the mean time, the blog needs a new breath of fresh air. That being said, anyone who is interested in becoming an admin to RawSex, leave your links in our inbox.

Make sure you remind yourself what you may be signing up for ;].  


Apologies for the inactivity guys and gals 


Anonymous said: Any ideas for making masturbating more interesting. After sometime normal fingering is not fun anymore. I want something more kinky ;)

get a toy? use your pillow? 


Anonymous said: What's ur blog mr rabbit?

Anonymous said: Just so you guys know, I'm in class looking at your page and I'm so wet it's not funny. I'm considering saying I feel sick so I can go home and rub my clit while looking at your page...

do it 


Anonymous said: Soo uhmm.... yeah 😳 you're blog changed my life. I seen this one post with the same and pulling hair so I tried it and it was Oh WOW!😳😳😳😍😍😙

ah well glad we helped ;)