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Anonymous said: Do you have to be 18 to cum or orgasm during sex?

no not at all once you hit puberty you should be able to reach orgasm

Anonymous said: can you plss fuck me im so wet 🙈🙈🙈 pls babyy

sure doll 

Anonymous said: is oral seks seen as foreplay before you have seks?


Anonymous said: Hey you. I just started following your blog cause it is fucking hot as hell!.. I do have a question though.. Me and my boyfriend has been together for 9 months now. We haven't had sex yet.. weird right? He keeps asking me if we can, but I just not ready for it.. I've never had sex before, I have jerked him off but we haven't done anything else. And I am very VERY uncomfortable with my body, could that be the case?

nothing weird about not having sex for a long time, if you arent ready for it then make it clear. if he has experience let him take the lead, set out a scene maybe like a little romantic one and take everything slow, he will show you how much he appreciates your body and that will help you relax and enjoy sex -MrRabbit

Anonymous said: Why don't you guys update very often?

Sorry our admin team has been rather busy we shall do our best to be up on your dashes ;’) -MrRabbit