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Anonymous said: MrRabbit, do you prefer when a girl is shaved or natural?

Don’t mind either tbh can never go with a great bush,but also when its clean and smooth its all pritti


Anonymous said: My boyfriend is on the smaller side and to be honest he doesn't give me much pleasure ....I'm not sure what to do. Should we try different positions ??????????

Try out various angles and positions that should help


Anonymous said: hi everyone! I'm an 18 year old girl from Germany and I made myself cum twice tonight because of your site! I had orgasms before at sex but it never worked with masturbation.. I just wanted to share it with you and hopefully make you some dirty thoughts :) maybe next time you'd like to make me cum?

Awhh thats awesome glad youre having fun my dear. And I’m sure our followers would be glad to help you cum


Anonymous said: I am in a family gathering scrolling through your blog and I am so fucking wet im afraid to get up!

hehe naughty 


Anonymous said: how can i turn on a guy via text?

use your imagination, say things  that turn you on and they will turn him on. Be creative, maybe remind him of how you two fucked last night and you want  to repeat it


Anonymous said: uh.. so yesterday i lost my virginity to my boyfriend and he went really rough and i told him to stop but he just kept going and he said he wants to do it again but im afraid he will go rough again.. i don't know what to do.

Sweetie don’t be pressured into it, if you don’t want to do it. then tell him. If he tries anything kick in the balls. 


Anonymous said: Is a 5 1/2 inch cock something to be ashamed of.

Its not the size of the boat,but the motion of the ocean. In other words its not about size my friend,but how you use it.